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Nachman Dahan

Founder, President

Nachman Dahan founded Marbella on the heels of working close to a decade in a healthcare construction company where he climbed the ranks to Director of Field Operations. Nachman’s foremost focus is providing a quality customer experience. He is adept at leading the team and efficiently managing tough situations that require rapid coordination. Drawn to the world of logistics at a young age, his passion lies in building connections and creating a sense of family for both clients and employees.

Nachman was born and raised in Israel. As a teenager, he moved to the United States. His diverse background lent itself to dealing effectively with adversity and empowered him to independently enter and become a key player in the industry.

Gitty Brandwein

Director of Operations

Gitty Brandwein came to Marbella after 7 years as Event Logistics Coordinator at Lakewood’s Chai Lifeline. She is a driving force of the company that puts her finger on the pulse of coordination and management of operations. Highly organized and detail-oriented, Gitty consistently implements innovative ideas to improve systems and maintain efficiency.

Naftoli Freund

Director of Field Operations

Naftoli Freund first entered the company as Project Manager where he gained key knowledge and experience on how construction sites should operate. Naftoli’s talent did not go unnoticed and he quickly advanced to his current position as Director of Field Operations.

Throughout his tenure, Naftoli has demonstrated skilled proficiency at employing emergency management techniques and problem solving under pressure while managing large crews and overseeing smooth work progress from start to finish.

Mark Fischer

Construction Supervisor

Mark Fischer has been working in the construction industry for over 5 years and serves the Marbella firm as Regional Director. Great service runs in Mark’s blood and is highlighted by his passion in doing anything to make every client happy. Mark’s loyalty and dedication is one of the reasons for Marbella’s distinguished success.

Jacob Cohn

Construction Supervisor

Jacob Cohn’s years of experience in the industry empowers his responsibilities as Regional Manager with attention to detail resulting in client satisfaction. As a former member of Israeli Special Forces, he also applies key skills he acquired as a soldier: coordination, communication and setback-recovery techniques, along with strategies in dealing with unexpected worksite challenges.

Sruly Eder

Construction Supervisor

Sruly Eder’s industry experience endowed him with essential skills necessary in his role as Project Manager. Responsible and dedicated to the company, Sruly is adept at delegating tasks to onsite workers so that every job is completed masterfully and efficiently.

Shaya Fridman

Construction Supervisor

Yudit Weidberg


Yudit Weidberg is Marbella’s dedicated Director of Accounting. She is a NYS Certified Public Accountant with more than 15 years accounting, auditing and managing finance experience amassed from previous employment. A highly skilled financial professional, Yudit plays a vital role in our finance department, offering strategic guidance that propels us to be in complete compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and make informed decisions in achieving our financial goals.